Our Management


Maximilian Petersons
Chief Executive Officer
Max is the Chief Executive Officer of the Borderless Times. He is a serial Entrepreneur in both editorial and executive positions. Under his stewardship the borderlesstimes.com will be expanding its global operation and developing its digital channels, gaining a wide reputation for boldness and innovation, including pioneering the metered access model.


Esther W. Wamweya
Esther is the Editor of Borderless Times with passion in writing and Journalism. She will be leadin gthe writing crew.


Sarah Hopkins
Global Human Resources Director
Sarah was appointed Global Human Resources Director in January 2007. She is responsible for leading all HR-related activities across the FT globally.


Matt McDonnell
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
Finola oversees global communications, brand and commercial marketing, including employee communications, media relations, brand marketing, events and partnerships.


Anita McDonalds
Chief Financial Officer
Anita is the borderlesstimes.com’s Chief Financial Officer, responsible for global financial performance management across the Borderless Times.


Ezy Zucchy
Global Publisher of Borderless Times
Ezy is global publisher of Borderless Times. Ezy focuses on developing the group’s significant potential across the globe, and leads business and strategy developments for events globally, including membership and communities, such as 125 Forum and the Non-Executive Directors (NED).


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